We believe every leader is a force for good. Our mission: To help you manifest positive change in yourself, your organization, your community, and the world. Our approach: Expertly facilitated peer forums that help create new paths for productivity, profitability, and possibility.


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Mindfulness: A pathway to a richer life, and more profitable business.

The most-successful leaders are those who create a positive impact on the lives around them. And mindfulness practices are a key to becoming healthier, happier, and more connected to ourselves and to others. We guide leaders in personal and professional transformation through mindfulness programs, peer forums, coaching, and educational workshops.

Why Quantum Lead?

We bring decades of business experience as well as expertise in mindfulness, facilitation, leadership coaching, group dynamics, psychology, entrepreneurship, communication, and team building. This supports our mission of delivering personal growth, purpose, connectedness and a mastery of life skills.


What Can You Expect?

Accountability. Integrity. Transformation. Quantum Lead will help you:

  • Narrow your blind spots
  • Become a more mindful leader
  • Raise awareness of your strengths and challenges
  • Clarify your leadership objectives
  • Develop a resistance to stress and manage anxiety
  • Maintain health and well-being
  • Create meaningful peer connections
  • Become a more emotionally intelligent leader
  • Lead with a compelling vision
  • Energize and inspire others
  • Find positive approaches to managing conflict
  • Take risks and step outside of your comfort zone
  • Gain new perspectives and insights on business issues


The Facts

The data speaks for itself: research shows that the annual growth rate for companies whose leaders belong to a peer forum outperforms those that don’t. According to a 2009 ICF Global Coaching Survey:

  • 99% of all companies or individuals who hire a coach are satisfied with the overall experience.
  • 96% would repeat the process
  • 70% report improved work performance
  • 80% report improved self confidence
  • 86% report that they made back at least their investment


A global survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre found that the mean ROI in coaching was 7 times the initial investment. Over a quarter of coaching clients reported a return of 10 to 49 times the cost.

QL Clients

“Every month after my Quantum Lead forum meeting I go back to my company taking something tangible and valuable with me. It’s all relevant and I’m getting more competent as a CEO”Mark McGivern, CEO

“Quantum Lead provides support beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of. Priceless”Ken Rosenberg, CEO


Mindful work.

Positivity. Productivity. Profitability.

Work is rarely 9 to 5. We are up and at it, bouncing from task-to-task, meeting-to-meeting from the moment the alarm sounds. Living in a state of constant reaction can have devastating consequences on our mood, our health, our relationships, and our happiness. Our programs are designed to help you create the work/life balance you want, with mindfulness at the core.

Mindfulness Programs

Our programs are designed around organizational goals, the developmental objectives of individual members, and themes that emerge from the dynamic of the team. Each engagement offers participants an opportunity to be self-reflective, to gain perspective on their leadership, and to leverage the wisdom of their peers.  Our programs focus on the following themes:

WorkJoy: Experiencing more joy on the job.
Noble Communication: Learning how to listen with grace and communicate with power.
Coaching: Awaken who you are with performance-based, one-on-one training and guidance.
Mindful Innovation: A unique path to ideation and accessing group genius via mindfulness practices.




Forum Facilitator / Entrepreneurship

John is a professional forum and workshop facilitator, and a specialist in entrepreneurial best practices renowned for unlocking the entrepreneurial spirit in complex organizations and executives around the world. After a career with Fortune 100 companies in the C-level suite, he went out on his own becoming a successful serial entrepreneur. John has been a senior executive with companies like PepsiCo, Sara Lee and Tommy Hilfiger, the founder of various start-ups, an angel investor, and a management consultant. He has sat on various corporate boards. John is the author of Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur. He enjoys yoga, biking, car racing, and traveling around the world.

Jayne Gumpel, LCSW

Jayne Gumpel, LCSW

Forum Facilitator / Leadership Coach

Jayne is a master facilitator with over 15 years of experience leading executive forums and business development groups. The Quantum Lead forum model is a unique integration of Jayne’s extensive training and experience in depth psychology, group dynamics and coaching; including tenure as a Chair with Vistage International, a CEO membership Organization. She is a teacher of MBSR (Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and brings this work into corporations, marriages and groups. Jayne's extensive interdisciplinary study and world travel give her a strong multi-cultural and global outlook.

Greta Cowan, PCC

Greta Cowan, PCC

Forum Facilitator / Leadership Coach

Since 1999 Greta has worked nationwide and abroad with a wide variety of executives and teams from both the corporate and non-profit sectors; from companies such as American Express, Capital One, Novartis and Time Warner to non-profit organizations like The American Red Cross, Acumen, and the National Cancer Institute. In addition, she has coached at many business schools and executive education programs including Harvard, Darden/University of Virginia, Duke, and Columbia. Greta encourages clients to become conscious leaders by helping them connect to their passion, lead with their principles, find clarity of purpose, and leverage their full, authentic presence.

Greg Monaco

Greg Monaco

Forum Facilitator / Brand Development

For the past 20 years, Greg has dedicated his mind and heart to helping companies align around shared values, vision, and telling their unique stories to the world. As a co-facilitator of Quantum Lead’s Peer Forums and as founder of a global independent brand consultancy, Monaco Lange, Greg puts these skills into action by helping organizations and leaders lead with more power, confidence, and clarity. His work with the Girl Scouts of the USA, BASF, Amex, and others has been featured in media around the world. He tours the U.S. conducting storytelling workshops, and teaches Brand Writing at Media Bistro.

The Four Pillars


Both ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychologists say our mindful moments are our happiest, most productive moments. When we are mindful, we are living in the present, not trapped in the past or seduced by the future. We help you develop mindfulness practices to reduce stress, become more present at work, enhance your ability to focus, and get it done so you can enjoy life.


Our future depends on our ability to sustain and renew our own energy, and the energy of our employees. We help leaders tie together economic progress, social awareness, and environmental best practices in order to support these delicate ecosystems for future generations.


We help leaders make the vital changes to achieve physical and emotional health, positive work environments, satisfying relationships, clarity of purpose, and financial security. Complete well-being depends on these essential elements that provide the energy and vitality to increase productivity.

Positive Leadership

Breakthrough results happen when leaders walk their talk. We help you develop ways to show gratitude, encourage dialogue, generate enthusiasm, provide positive feedback, and recognize employees—which ultimately creates more value for your organization.